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I promote companies that are integral to my daily routine, ones I’ve consistently used and truly believe in. My affiliate and business partnerships are more than just recommending products I like; they’re a chance to connect with brands I admire, offer exclusive discounts to friends and family, and share tools in the toolbox. 

Aires Tech EMF Protection Technology

Aires Tech is a cutting-edge company specializing in developing and manufacturing EMF (electromagnetic field) protection solutions for various applications. Aires Lifetune products are designed to protect individuals and their environments from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR), which is emitted by electronic devices such as cell phones, laptops, and Wi-Fi routers.

Aires Tech’s products are based on three decades of peer-reviewed research, including their patented EMF modulating technology. Their product range includes personal EMF protection devices, such as EMF protection phone attachments, necklace pendants, and larger-scale solutions for home and office environments.

As a partner of Aires Tech, I’m proud to be associated with a company that is at the forefront of EMF protection technology. Their products are effective, reliable, and easy to use, and they offer a range of solutions to meet the needs of individuals and organizations alike. I highly recommend Aires Tech’s products to anyone concerned about the harmful effects of EMF radiation and who wants to protect themselves and their loved ones.

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Jigsaw Health

I first discovered Jigsaw Health during my time working with Ben Greenfield Coaching, where Ben consistently prescribed their supplements MagSRT magnesium and the Adrenal Cocktail to clients. This piqued my interest and led me to try them myself. Now, they’re staples in my own wellness routine, alongside favorites like MagSoothe for evening relaxation and their nourishing Collagen. I’m genuinely excited to share these products with you through my partnership with Jigsaw. If you decide to try them out, feel free to use my code ‘kyletothemoon’ for a $10 discount. I hope you find them as beneficial as I have!

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Lajit Gold Pure Himalayan Shilajit

What Is Shilajit?

Shilajit, a powerful herbal resin sourced from the high altitudes of the Himalayas, is renowned for its rich blend of minerals and impressive health benefits. Often referred to as the “Destroyer of Weakness,” Shilajit has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries to enhance vitality and support overall wellness. If you’re curious to learn more about its benefits and uses, be sure to check out the detailed exploration on my blog here.

Among the various brands of Shilajit I’ve tried over the years, Lajit Gold stands out for its commitment to quality and sustainability. They not only ensure their Shilajit is authentically sourced from the Himalayas but also embody a mission to empower and transform lives through their products. Lajit Gold isn’t just providing a health supplement; they offer a holistic approach to wellness that marries ancient wisdom with modern practices. Their dedication to promoting health, wellness, and personal growth makes them a featured partner on my Shop page. Join this journey with Lajit Gold and experience a transformative path towards better health and enlightenment.

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Purium Organic Superfoods

Purium offers a variety of organic and non-GMO nutrition products aimed at enhancing health naturally. Its acclaimed “10-Day Transformation” and “30-Day Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation” programs, featuring superfoods, supplements, and comprehensive meal and exercise plans, support sustainable weight loss and detoxification. I engage in a 30-Day ULT multiple times annually to maintain optimal health.

Additionally, Purium’s lineup includes individual supplements and superfoods like green powders and protein powders, all sourced from organic and sustainable farms. While I have been using these products since 2017 and am deeply involved in their business side, I currently offer complimentary coaching check-ins for 30 days with every 30-Day ULT purchase, though I am not taking on new coaching clients.

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Xtrema Non-Toxic Ceramic Cookware

Introducing Xtrema – Revolutionizing Cookware for a Healthier Future!

As featured in my article, Healthy and Eco-Friendly Cookware: The Importance of Non-Toxic Options for Food Preparation, I understand the significance of choosing non-toxic options for your culinary adventures.

Xtrema takes pride in crafting cookware that enhances your cooking experience and prioritizes your health and the environment. Their innovative line of ceramic cookware is free from harmful chemicals such as lead, cadmium, and PFOA. This means you can confidently prepare delicious meals without worrying about toxic substances leaching into your food.

By harnessing the power of pure ceramic, Xtrema cookware ensures even heat distribution, allowing you to achieve perfect cooking results every time. Whether you’re sautéing, frying, baking, or simmering, their durable and versatile products deliver exceptional performance, making your culinary creations a masterpiece.

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EarthRunners Minimalist Earthing Sandals

One of the main reasons I love EarthRunners sandals is that they are designed to provide a natural, minimalist feel while still offering incredible support and protection. With a unique grounding system that connects your body to the earth’s natural energy, these sandals offer a whole new level of adventure and connection that can be hard to find.

But it’s not just the grounding system that sets EarthRunners apart – they are also incredibly durable and comfortable. Made with high-quality materials that are built to last, these sandals can withstand even the toughest terrain and weather conditions. And with adjustable straps and a customizable fit, they offer unparalleled comfort and support that lasts all day long.

As someone who has been somewhat religiously wearing EarthRunner’s grounding sandals for many years, I can confidently say that this unique footwear has transformed my relationship with the earth and my overall well-being.

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nature healing kyletothemoon

The Science of Nature: Exploring the Benefits of Being Outdoors for Your Mental and Physical Well-Being

Nature has always been an integral part of human existence. It actually feels kind of silly writing that, because nature is the most real and genuine part of our world that there is. Everything outside of nature is manufactured by mankind, yet for a large population of people, that is their “real world”. For most of our history, humans have lived in close contact with nature, relying on it for food, shelter, and protection. However, in recent times, we have become increasingly disconnected from the natural world. Many people now live in urban environments, spending most of their time indoors, and surrounded by technology. This disconnection from nature has been linked to various mental and physical health problems. In this blog, we will explore how being in nature is good for our mental and physical health and the science behind those claims.

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chronic inflammation kyletothemoon

Chronic Inflammation – The Common Denominator in Nearly Every Deadly Disease

“People are most familiar with acute inflammation. This is the redness, warmth, swelling, and pain around tissues and joints that occurs in response to an injury, like when you cut yourself. When the body is injured, your immune system releases white blood cells to surround and protect the area…In contrast, when inflammation gets turned up too high and lingers for a long time, and the immune system continues to pump out white blood cells and chemical messengers that prolong the process, that’s known as chronic inflammation.”

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