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Saturated Fat Myth: A Long Road to the Truth of Heart Disease

saturated fat lie

For over half a century, we’ve been told that saturated fat is the dietary villain responsible for heart disease.  The roots of this widespread belief trace back to the mid-20th century, particularly to the work of Ancel Keys, a physiologist with a keen interest in diet and health. Keys’ diet-heart hypothesis, which suggested a direct link […]

Further EMF Protection: Key Insights from the BGL Podcast

Following up on my recent article on EMF protection, where I critiqued the science and claims of Waveguard’s founder, Hagen Thiers, the Ben Greenfield Life Podcast just aired a new episode featuring Aires Tech CEO Josh Bruni and neuroscientist Dr. Nicolas Dogris. Having a relationship with Josh, Ben, and Aires Tech, I tuned into this […]

Adrenal Fatigue: Battling Burnout in the Lives of Busy Bees

adrenal fatigue

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s not uncommon for people to feel exhausted. With the demands of modern life, chronic stress, and the constant juggling of responsibilities, many of us find ourselves running on empty. But what if your tiredness isn’t just due to a hectic schedule? What if it’s a sign of something more? Enter […]

Nutritional Wisdom: Defending Weston A. Price’s Legacy

weston a price legacy

As a huge fan of Weston A. Price’s work, I can confidently say that his research has done wonders for those seeking preventative lifestyle dietary changes for a long and healthy life. Despite the controversy and the smear campaigns, it’s important to recognize that Price’s work poses a significant threat to the current “sick care” […]

Following Up on Microplastics: Health Impacts and Solutions

microplastics human health

Last month, I opened many of your eyes to the unsettling reality of microplastics infiltrating our bodies in my article Microplastics Found in Human Testicles and Placenta. We explored how these tiny particles have made their way into our reproductive systems, raising serious concerns about their impact on fertility and maternal health. Today, let’s continue […]

Traveling Smart: Guide for Nutrition, Hydration, and EMF Protection

healthy travel tips emf protection hydration nutrition

Traveling can be both a thrilling adventure and a stressful ordeal, depending on how well-prepared you are. Whether you’re hopping on a plane or hitting the road in your trusty vehicle, having a solid game plan can make all the difference. In this guide, I’ll share my top tips for avoiding the common pitfalls of […]