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UFC Partners with Aires Tech: Combat Sports Meets Health Tech

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On May 30, 2024, a groundbreaking announcement was made in the world of mixed martial arts and technology. UFC, the premier mixed martial arts organization globally, and American Aires Inc. (CSE: WIFI) (OTCQB: AAIRF) (Aires Tech), a pioneer in technology designed to protect against electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and optimize human health, unveiled a multi-year global marketing partnership. As a longtime fan of the UFC and an advocate for Aires Tech’s innovative solutions, this collaboration is particularly meaningful to me.

The Synergy Between UFC and Aires Tech

The UFC is renowned for pushing the boundaries of athletic performance and sports entertainment. Similarly, Aires Tech (use code kyletothemoon to save 25%) is at the forefront of technological innovation, developing cutting-edge solutions to protect against the growing concerns of EMR exposure. The partnership promises to merge these two dynamic entities, amplifying their shared values of excellence, innovation, and commitment to health and wellness.

The agreement stipulates that Aires Tech will receive prominent placement within UFC’s monthly Pay Per Views (PPVs). These events are recognized as the biggest in mixed martial arts, offering Aires Tech unprecedented visibility before more than 700 million fans in 170 countries and an estimated 975 million households that receive UFC’s broadcasts.

Aires Tech’s Mission and Vision

Aires Tech is dedicated to bridging the gap between technology and wellness. Their mission is to provide solutions that protect against EMR without disrupting everyday technology use. Aires Tech products are distinguished by their scientific ingenuity and practical application, standing out in the EMF protection market.

Aires Tech’s CEO, Josh Bruni, expressed his excitement about the partnership, highlighting how it aligns with both organizations’ commitment to excellence and innovation. “UFC’s vision of pushing boundaries and achieving peak performance aligns perfectly with Aires’ mission to offer cutting-edge EMF neutralizing and Bio-Frequency Modulation technology that both protects and enhances health and wellness,” Bruni stated.

Personal Reflection on the Partnership

As someone who has been immersed in the world of martial arts for nearly 14 years, this partnership between UFC and Aires Tech feels particularly significant. My journey with combat sports began in high school and has since become a cornerstone of my life. Training in Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, and Muay Thai, I have learned invaluable lessons about humility, discipline, and perseverance. These sports have taught me to face challenges head-on, maintain a strong will, and continuously strive for improvement.

Martial arts have shaped my character and life direction, making the UFC’s emphasis on peak performance and resilience resonate deeply with me. The UFC’s platform has not only entertained me but also inspired me to pursue excellence in every aspect of life.

My connection with Aires Tech is equally profound. Their vision of protecting human health from the unseen dangers of EMR is something I am passionate about. I have been using Aires Tech products for years, and they have become an integral part of my daily routine, especially when I travel like these fighters when they’re cutting weight. These products bridge the gap between technology and natural biological frequencies, promoting well-being without sacrificing connectivity. The strong relationship I’ve built with Aires Tech is rooted in my trust in their mission and the tangible benefits I’ve experienced from their products.

The Impact of EMR on Health

Electromagnetic radiation is an invisible threat that has become ubiquitous with the proliferation of wireless technology. Numerous studies have highlighted potential health risks associated with prolonged EMR exposure, including increased stress levels, disrupted sleep patterns, and potential long-term impacts on overall well-being.

Aires Tech has been at the forefront of addressing these concerns, developing products that neutralize EMR’s harmful effects. Their Bio-Frequency Modulation technology is designed to protect users without compromising their use of essential technological devices.

UFC and Aires Tech: A Natural Fit

The UFC’s audience is highly engaged and performance-focused, making them an ideal demographic for Aires Tech. With 40% of the UFC’s following being millennials, there is a significant overlap with Aires’ target consumers. This demographic is increasingly aware of health optimization and the importance of mitigating potential risks from modern technology.

Grant Norris-Jones, Head of Global Partnerships at TKO, emphasized the alignment between the two brands. “Aires aligns well with our brand in several respects, including their focus on innovation and being a first mover in their industry. Their emphasis on technology to promote health and wellness is a message we’re proud to support and share with our athletes and fans around the world.”

Expanding Global Reach

The partnership also allows Aires Tech to expand its presence internationally. With strongholds in the United States, Canada, the UK, Germany, and Australia, and the UFC’s growing global viewership, this collaboration is set to amplify Aires Tech’s reach. UFC’s dedicated audience, who values peak performance and personal well-being, will now have greater access to Aires Tech’s groundbreaking solutions.

Aires Tech will activate the partnership at UFC 302: MAKHACHEV vs. POIRIER on June 1 at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. This event, headlined by UFC lightweight champion Islam Makhachev defending his title against No. 4 ranked contender Dustin Poirier, promises to be a stellar showcase for Aires Tech’s branding and mission.

Integrating Aires Tech into UFC Events

In addition to PPV broadcasts, Aires Tech will be integrated into the pivotal UFC Live Weigh-In Show. This studio show, shot on location during the Official Weigh-Ins of PPV events, is live-streamed on YouTube to a global audience of more than 18 million followers. Aires Tech will be highlighted within a custom segment entitled “Defensive Strategies,” where hosts will analyze defensive tactics that UFC athletes must implement to secure wins in their bouts.

This strategic integration ensures that Aires Tech’s message of health and wellness reaches a vast and engaged audience. The collaboration will also involve original content distributed through UFC’s digital and social channels, which reach approximately 260 million users worldwide. Other activations may include in-arena promotions, viewer sweepstakes, and a significant on-site presence at select UFC Fan Experiences, including the biggest event of the year, UFC X in Las Vegas during International Fight Week.

Supporting World-Class Athletes

Aires Tech’s support for world-class athletes extends beyond this partnership. Earlier this year, they partnered with UFC Women’s Flyweight Maycee “The Future” Barber to help spread awareness about the importance of protecting against EMR. Barber’s positive experiences with, which she credits for improving her physical well-being and mood, underscore the real-world benefits of this technology for elite athletes.

This partnership is more than just a marketing agreement; it represents a commitment to enhancing the health and performance of UFC athletes. By integrating Aires Tech’s innovative solutions into the fabric of UFC events, both organizations are setting a new standard for athlete care and fan engagement.

Shining a Light on EMF Awareness

One of the most exciting aspects of this partnership is the potential to raise awareness about the dangers of EMR and the importance of EMF protection. Despite the growing body of evidence indicating the potential health risks associated with EMR, many people remain unaware of the issue. By aligning with the UFC, Aires Tech can bring this crucial conversation to a much larger audience.

Athletes, particularly those at the elite level like UFC fighters, are acutely aware of the importance of minimizing any factors that could negatively impact their performance. EMR exposure is one such factor. By incorporating Aires Tech products (use code kyletothemoon to save 25%) into their routines, athletes can take proactive steps to protect their health, potentially leading to improved performance and overall well-being.

The Positive Impact on Athletes

Athletes’ performance hinges on numerous factors, including physical conditioning, mental focus, and recovery. EMR exposure can disrupt these areas by causing oxidative stress, sleep disturbances, and even hormonal imbalances. Aires Tech’s products are designed to mitigate these effects, offering athletes a way to shield themselves from the potential harms of modern technology without sacrificing connectivity.

For example, improved sleep quality, one of the potential benefits of reduced EMR exposure, can have a profound impact on an athlete’s recovery and performance. Better sleep leads to more effective muscle repair, enhanced cognitive function, and greater overall resilience—all critical factors for elite athletes like those in the UFC.

Looking Ahead

The collaboration between UFC and Aires Tech is poised to redefine how technology and sports can come together to promote health and wellness. As the partnership unfolds, fans can expect to see more innovative integrations and activations that highlight the importance of mitigating EMR exposure.

For me, as a longtime UFC fan and supporter of Aires Tech, this partnership is a dream come true. It’s a powerful reminder of how two seemingly different worlds can come together to create something truly impactful. The synergy between UFC’s dynamic, performance-driven ethos and Aires Tech’s commitment to health and wellness marks a significant step forward in both organizations’ journeys to become global leaders in their respective fields.

In conclusion, the partnership between UFC and Aires Tech is more than just a business agreement; it’s a testament to the power of innovation and the importance of safeguarding health in our modern world. As we look forward to the exciting developments this collaboration will bring, it’s clear that the future of sports and technology is brighter and healthier than ever.

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