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Truth on EMF Blocking vs Modulating for Radiation Protection

emf blockers vs modulators

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Confused by all the conflicting information about health, nutrition, and EMF protection? You’re not alone. With countless products claiming to shield, block, or harmonize electromagnetic fields, figuring out which ones actually work can be a challenge. Let’s cut through the noise and get to the heart of the matter.

In this article, we’ll explore the different approaches to EMF protection, focusing on the pros and cons of blocking versus modulating technologies. We’ll also discuss the testing methods that separate legitimate science from marketing fluff. Along the way, we’ll highlight some of the surprising truths and misconceptions that can guide you toward making informed decisions.

Ready to dive in and separate the science from the pseudoscience? Let’s get started.

Understanding EMF Protection: Blocking vs. Modulating

EMF protection products can generally be categorized into two main types: EMF blocking and EMF modulating (or harmonizing). Understanding the differences between these approaches is crucial for making an informed decision about which product to use.

EMF-Blocking Overview

This method involves creating a physical barrier to block or shield against EMF radiation. Products in this category typically include specialized fabrics, metals, and clothing that contain materials capable of deflecting or absorbing EMFs. Blocking can be effective in certain scenarios, such as using bags to store your phone to be “off the grid” while backpacking, hunting, or in survival situations. However, using a blocker for your laptop, phone, or WiFi router is not the same thing. If you put a blocker next to your laptop on your desk and it still works, then tell me what exactly is being blocked, and where is it being “blocked” or “contained” to?


  • Blocking Stickers: These are perhaps the most notorious. Often marketed as simple solutions to complex problems, they claim to neutralize EMF radiation when placed on electronic devices. However, their effectiveness is highly questionable, and they often end up being overpriced gimmicks.
  • Faraday Cages: Enclosures that block all electromagnetic signals, useful in high-security environments or scientific labs.
  • Organite Crystals: These are a bit more nuanced. While there is some belief in their ability to influence electromagnetic fields, they are unlikely to keep up with the demands of modern 5G technology.

Pros: EMF-blocking clothing is a potential use case while on an airplane or somewhere you want to protect yourself from more radiation, but that market is still evolving with countless companies that cut major corners. I am working on doing my due diligence on this part of the market to see if there are any exciting companies with trustworthy values that I can support. I believe that Lambs is one of them, but I have never actually tried their EMF-blocking clothes yet nor felt the need to. To be continued!

Cons: A prime example of the flaws in EMF-blocking techniques involves a person I know who was using EMF-blocking fabric around the outside of the RV where their family was living. Unbeknownst to them, these blockers were keeping the radiation trapped within the RV. As a result, their entire family began experiencing health issues they had never experienced before. This incident highlights the potential dangers of relying on blocking techniques without fully understanding their implications.

EMF-Modulating Overview

This approach does not block EMFs but claims to alter or harmonize the electromagnetic waves to reduce their potential harm. Products that modulate EMFs often use proprietary technologies and scientific principles to change how EMFs interact with biological systems. This method works with EMFs rather than against them, aiming to create a balance that allows us to live harmoniously with technology and nature. The problem with “modulating,” “harmonizing,” or whatever other marketing term a company uses is that it cannot be proven effective with just a simple EMF reader. It is not blocking any EMF, therefore it can’t be just scanned with an EMF reader to see if it’s doing the job. That is where EEG comes in.


  • Aires Tech: A company with legitimate science and results, using peer-reviewed studies to validate their EMF protection devices.
  • Various Quantum-Based Devices: Numerous other companies claim to modulate EMFs using quantum theories but lack substantial scientific backing or peer-reviewed studies to support their claims. 

Pros: EMF modulators can provide a practical solution without interfering with the functionality of your devices. They aim to reduce the harmful effects of EMFs while allowing you to continue using your technology seamlessly. To me, this is a theoritical peace treaty of harmful tech and nature. It allows biological objects to live in harmony with our technological tools. 

Cons: The market is flooded with products making unsubstantiated claims. Many of these devices are marketed based on vague quantum theories without concrete scientific evidence to support their effectiveness. It’s essential to distinguish between scientifically validated products and those that are essentially snake oil.

The Importance of EEG in EMF Protection

The Challenge of Demonstrating EMF Protection

Demonstrating the efficacy of EMF protection poses a unique challenge, one that cannot be reliably done using simplistic methods. This is where electroencephalogram (EEG) comes in and you can see the proof in the pudding. 

Limitations of EMF Readers

From the perspective of EMF protection, the limitations of traditional EMF readers are fairly easy to determine. These devices do one thing well; they identify the presence of electromagnetic fields. This is great and useful, but only for certain applications. Traditional readers like those that can be purchased on Amazon fall short when it comes to capturing the nuanced changes in EMF modulation that are provided by devices like those offered by Aires Tech. Remember, modulation is the goal, as simply blocking the EMF-producing device from working would be redundant.

The Science Behind EEG Testing

Among the testing methodologies used by Aires Tech and industry competitors, Electroencephalogram (EEG) stands out as a beacon of scientific rigor and reliability.

Understanding EEG Testing

maycee barber eeg brain scan emf protection
UFC fighter Maycee Barber preparing for an EEG test with Aires Tech

EEG testing allows us to peer into the intricacies of brain activity. The human brain generates electrical activity, producing rhythmic patterns known as brainwaves. When exposed to EMF, these brainwaves can change, offering a direct view of the physiological impact of electromagnetic influences on the central nervous system.

How EEG Testing Works

EEG testing involves placing electrodes on the scalp to detect and record the electrical activity of neurons in the brain. Neurologists and researchers analyze these brainwave patterns to gain insights into brain function, diagnose neurological conditions, or assess responses to external stimuli, including EMF exposure.

EMF and Brainwave Modulation

Exposure to EMF can modulate the brain’s natural electrical patterns. This modulation can manifest as changes in the frequency, amplitude, or synchronization of brainwaves:

  • High-Frequency EMF (i.e. from wireless devices): Can induce changes in beta brainwave activity, associated with heightened alertness and cognitive processing.
  • Low-Frequency EMF (i.e. from power lines): May influence alpha or theta brainwave patterns, linked to relaxation and drowsiness.

By closely analyzing these EEG patterns before, during, and after EMF exposure, researchers can correlate specific electromagnetic frequencies with their impact on brain activity. This provides valuable insights into how EMF influences our neurophysiological responses.

The Gold Standard in EMF Protection

EEG testing is a dynamic and precise means of revealing the intricate interplay between electromagnetic fields and brain physiology, solidifying its role as the gold standard in scientific validation for EMF protection.

By conducting controlled studies and employing EEG analysis, Aires Tech demonstrates a commitment to transparency and provides users with tangible scientific evidence of the positive effects of their EMF protection devices on the human body.

Dubious Claims in the EMF Market

Unfortunately, the market is rife with products that make bold claims about modulating or harmonizing EMFs without concrete scientific backing. A prime example of a “bad player” in the health and wellness field is Waveguard, a company that promotes its “Qi-Shield” EMF protection technology. In a recent episode of the Ben Greenfield Life podcast, Hagen, the founder of Waveguard, discussed their technology and criticized Aires Tech, claiming that their studies are outdated and not independently verified.

He touted his company’s scientific study conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute, which, according to him, demonstrated the effectiveness of their technology. However, a closer look at the study reveals a different story…

Hagen also criticized other EMF protection companies, suggesting their studies lacked rigor. “When we are looking into these kind of products,” said Hagen, “there is a huge market behind that, and there is a lot of scam going on about this. I’m not saying that AiresTech is doing that, but you have to look at the quality of studies.”

Ironically, while dismissing these competitors and half-heartedly insulting Aires Tech’s science, he overlooked the credibility of actual peer-reviewed research. For example, Aires Tech boasts a robust portfolio of peer-reviewed studies published in reputable journals like Springer Link, validating the efficacy of their EMF protection devices. Furthermore, Aires Tech’s products are grounded in mathematical principles that were patented years ago, with independent researchers conducting peer-reviewed studies on the patent even before the product was developed.

The Study on Waveguard’s Qi-Shield

From September 2020 to April 2021, the Fraunhofer Institute IAO scientifically examined the effects of the Qi-Shield device manufactured by Waveguard GmbH. This study aimed to evaluate the effects of the Qi-Shield on subjective psychological, psycho-physiological, and neurophysiological levels. The study was “commissioned by Waveguard GmbH” and employed a pre-post-measurement with a between-subject design.

The 90 participants were randomly assigned to three groups: one used the real device for one week, one used a placebo device, and one served as a control group. The assignment was double-blind, and various measures were used to assess the effects, including EEG, ECG, and EDA.

Results of Neurophysiological Measures

The neurophysiological results showed no group-related differences in psycho-physiological correlates of stress and well-being, such as EDA or heart rate variability. On the neurophysiological level, no significant differences were found between the experimental groups in most EEG correlates. Only a significant increase in EEG frontal theta-band power was observed in the resting state measurement with eyes open and closed after exposure to the real device. However, no significant effects were found on other frequency bands or functional connectivity.

"In sum, the study showed no clear effects of a one-week exposure with the Qi-Shield on subjective well-being, stress, and sleep quality examined on a psychological, psycho-physiological, and neurophysiological level."​

It amazes me how often people listen to podcasts and accept bold, inaccurate claims about products without doing their own critical investigation. This applies even to your favorite health gurus, podcasters, and figureheads who might get complacent in their brand alliances. My advice? Be a student of truth. One thing I’ve learned is that people will believe what they want to believe, so it’s crucial to use your own critical thinking and question every bias you may have by prudently researching the truth.

Personal Bias Disclosure

I’ll Save You Some Time…

After all the discussion about Waveguard and this wild market we are in, let me add some final points and disclaimers to nail my message down. You might say, “Kyle, I’ve done some research and learned that you used to work at Aires Tech! Doesn’t this make you biased?”

Great! I’m glad to see that I’m rubbing off and you’re doing your own research. Yes, I worked there and continue to do various work with the company because I was and am a massive fan of their product and scientific innovation.

Having spent countless hours on the phone with the founder and other scientists in their network and on their board, my admiration for Aires Tech has only grown. This product, though not yet fully recognized as the technological breakthrough it truly is, stands poised to be the top choice for EMF protection worldwide. Aires Tech boasts the most rigorous scientific validation and proven success in protecting against radiation from electromagnetic fields, which is why I confidently recommend it.

Reflections on the Ben Greenfield Life Podcast with Waveguard

I also worked with Ben Greenfield for several years and still consider him a friend, but I don’t hesitate to say that he could have challenged Hagen’s claims had he done proper due diligence. A quick look at the results of their largest study shows why the Qi Shield’s magic water hasn’t lived up to its hype. Regardless, I respect that Ben allowed Aires Tech’s CEO, Josh Bruni, to come on the podcast and break down the science of EMF and the Lifetune products. Stay tuned for the follow-up—you won’t be disappointed. 

Why Aires Tech Earns My Trust

Commitment to Science and Truth

I’m unapologetically a huge fan of Aires Tech products because they stand on a foundation of truth and mathematical science. I’ll continue to call out misleading claims in the health and wellness industry because it is something I am passionate about, and I have no problem admitting when I may be wrong.

Evaluating Competitors

I’m not here to pick on any one company. Ultimately, there are countless companies far worse than Waveguard that are selling garbage on Amazon, claiming to protect families from electromagnetic radiation. It would take too long to list them all, and they don’t deserve the recognition.

Aires Tech’s Scientific Foundation

In stark contrast to the questionable efficacy of many claimed EMF-modulating products on the market, Aires Tech has consistently demonstrated robust, scientifically-backed results. 

Here’s why Aires Tech is the number one choice for EMF protection:

Rigorous Scientific Research: Aires Tech boasts over three decades of peer-reviewed scientific publications. Their products are backed by proven mathematical principles and extensive data from brain wave (EEG) scan trials, demonstrating their efficacy in modulating EMF exposure.

Proven Patents: Aires Tech holds several patents for their innovative diffracting resonator technology. This patented approach, based on a mathematically designed circular lattice, changes the form of the electromagnetic field to match our biological DNA without affecting the performance of the technology.

Passive Device: Unlike many other products, Aires Tech devices are passive, meaning they do not need to be plugged in, charged, or maintained. As long as the middle silicon resonator chip (the circular diffraction lattice) is not damaged, the device continues to work indefinitely.

Demonstrated Efficacy: The efficacy of Aires Tech products is demonstrated through rigorous scientific studies. These studies show significant reductions in EMF-induced stress and improvements in overall well-being, providing strong evidence of their effectiveness.

Trusted Partnerships: Aires Tech’s proven track record has led to partnerships with major organizations, including the UFC and rising MMA star Maycee Barber. This collaboration highlights the trust that leading institutions place in Aires Tech’s technology and its ability to provide reliable EMF protection.

Transparency and Trustworthiness: Aires Tech is known for its transparency, providing detailed information about their research, technology, and the science behind their products. Their long history and robust scientific backing enhance their trustworthiness.

Closing Thoughts on Navigating the EMF Protection Landscape

In the complex realm of EMF protection, understanding the interplay between peer-reviewed research and third-party testing is vital for making informed choices.  To navigate this landscape effectively, prioritize products backed by reputable peer-reviewed studies and transparency in the results of their claims. Seek clear documentation of research methodology and engage with manufacturers to gain insights. Be cautious of extravagant claims without scientific evidence and stay informed about emerging studies.

By understanding the research landscape and applying these tips, we can empower ourselves to make choices aligned with our health and safety priorities. With diligence and attention to detail in the nuanced world of EMF protection, we can protect ourselves and our loved ones from the risks posed by chronic exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

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